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Re: [tycho-dev] m2e workspace resolution for Tycho plugins

If you install [3], source lookup works now too . Now I can debug
through maven, tycho and eclipse code without having to do any manual
mvn install or source lookup configuration. I like it. :-)

There is one notable exception to automatic source code lookup, however.
You still need to configure source path lookup manually for equinox
itself, jdt.core and jdt.apt. These artifacts are resolved from Maven
repositories but do not have embedded maven metadata, i.e.
META-INF/maven/ folder. I don't feel like solving this problem now.

Next up is run/debug 'as tycho integration test'. I want to be able to
make changes to Tycho sources or sources of any of Tycho dependencies
and run/debug all or some of Tycho ITs right from my m2e workspace.
Debugging will likely be tricky because there will be two JVMs involved,
one that runs IT and one that runs Maven build. Not sure if I'll try to
use single JVM for both or if I'll try to make JDT debugger work with
multiple JVMs associated with one launch. Both approaches look tricky.


On 12-06-26 8:01 AM, Igor Fedorenko wrote:
I pushed some changes [1] to Tycho master last night (my time) to allow
m2e workspace dependency resolution for Maven launch configurations that
use Tycho plugins. This should allow run/debug Tycho plugins right from
m2e workspace, i.e. all changes to classes and resources will be picked
up immediately, without prior mvn install/deploy.

This feature is disabled by default, in order to try it you need to

* make sure you use pde 3.8 and m2e 1.1 (I assume all Tycho developers
   already do)
* install latest m2e-tycho 0.7 from one of directories listed under [2]
* enable "Tycho in situ development" in Eclipse preferences. I pan to
   remove this preference once the code proves to work reliably.
* enable "Resolve workspace artifacts" in launch configuration

At this point Run of the launch configuration is expected to 'just
work', but source lookup during Debug will need manual configuration. I
plan to update m2e dynamic source lookup [3] to work for Tycho projects
in next few days, so everything will be fully automated.



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