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[tycho-dev] m2e workspace resolution for Tycho plugins

I pushed some changes [1] to Tycho master last night (my time) to allow
m2e workspace dependency resolution for Maven launch configurations that
use Tycho plugins. This should allow run/debug Tycho plugins right from
m2e workspace, i.e. all changes to classes and resources will be picked
up immediately, without prior mvn install/deploy.

This feature is disabled by default, in order to try it you need to

* make sure you use pde 3.8 and m2e 1.1 (I assume all Tycho developers
  already do)
* install latest m2e-tycho 0.7 from one of directories listed under [2]
* enable "Tycho in situ development" in Eclipse preferences. I pan to
  remove this preference once the code proves to work reliably.
* enable "Resolve workspace artifacts" in launch configuration

At this point Run of the launch configuration is expected to 'just
work', but source lookup during Debug will need manual configuration. I
plan to update m2e dynamic source lookup [3] to work for Tycho projects
in next few days, so everything will be fully automated.



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