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Re: [tycho-dev] Schedule Release 0.15.0 with Juno M7

Forgot to mention. I actually do have an outstanding p2 change request
now [4]. I was able to workaround this by the magic of copy&paste, so
this is not strictly required for 0.15. It would certainly be nice not
to have copies of p2 code in Tycho and I will be happy to provide a
patch if there is any indication that p2 developers are willing to
accept it.



On 12-04-22 5:07 PM, Igor Fedorenko wrote:
There are few user-submitted patches in bugzilla. We should review them
before 0.15 and either merge or at least provide feedback. I am unlikely
to have time for this until next weekend, so I'll appreciate if you or
Jan can help.

I also opened few enhancement requests I hope to merge in next couple of
days and plan to include in 0.15. Together with jar signing this will
provide "proper" way to build projects with Tycho, which I
believe is long overdue.

[1] 377360 - Provide a way to generate pack.gz artifacts
[2] 377357 - include pack.gz artifacts in eclipse-repository
[3] 377359 - better support for explicit binding of p2-metadata


On 12-04-20 8:20 AM, Oberlies, Tobias wrote:
Tycho developers –

I would like to propose a schedule for the 0.15.0 release:

·Staging on M7+1 (May 7), and

·release one week later (May 14) – assuming that we don’t have any
blocker bugs.

I’m aware that 0.15.0 won’t be a release with a large number of changes

but it will include a couple of things (e.g. the annotation processor
contribution <>, or
this performance fix
<>) that people
await eagerly.

@Igor: Do you still have p2 patches that you need to have promoted? Do
you need process help with your open Gerrit change



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