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Re: [tycho-dev] dev call about metaRequirements (bug 351487)?


This will have to wait until after 0.14. I won't have the time to review
this and I believe Tobias is out of office for a few weeks.


On 12-01-18 6:41 PM, Dahanne, Anthony wrote:

Since we talked, I have provided the patches (and I actually use this
new goal, materialize-product-metarequirements on a daily basis, I even
found bugs and just provided the fix)

If there is anything you need before merging those commits to master,
please let me know.



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*Subject:* [tycho-dev] dev call about metaRequirements (bug 351487)?

Hi Anthony,

You said in that
you would like to do a call to review your solution idea for the bug
(“tycho-p2-director-plugin should consider p2 metaRequirements”).

If you are listening, please propose a time for the meeting. I work
regular hours in GMT+1.



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