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Re: [tycho-dev] Running integration tests in Eclipse

Not exactly. My concern was specifically about running unit tests from
Eclipse workspace. For example, I can run all tycho-compiler-plugin unit
tests right from my development workspace today without any special
setup. This won't be possible any more if we make p2 support a hard
dependency of tycho-core and all unit tests will need to be treated as
integration tests.


On 11-12-06 4:46 AM, Oberlies, Tobias wrote:
Igor, IIRC you asked me to document how to run integration tests in
Eclipse, right? I only realized that I did this quite a while ago. From
*Executing integration tests in Eclipse *
It is possible to start most integration tests directly from Eclipse.
Note however that you will still need to build Tycho through a mvn
install first whenever you have made changes to the Tycho code, e.g.
using the bootstrap.cmd as described above. (Background: The integration
tests trigger builds of test projects -- and these builds take Tycho
from it's normal location, i.e. the local Maven repository.)
Was this what you wanted?

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