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Re: [tycho-dev] Edit bugzilla versions

> > @Igor: Could you please check if you can give me edit rights for
> > Tycho in bugzilla? My committer userId is toberlies.
> >
> Try now, looks like I needed to explicitly give you bugzilla edit
> permissions.
Thank you. Now it worked. I added a 0.13.0 milestone (for targeting bugs at the next release) and the 0.13.0 version (for affected versions).

> >> So please add 0.13.0 version, but I'd keep list of components short
> >> for now. I'd wait until we get large number of bugreports and
> >> feature requests before we decide how to classify them better.
> >
> > Sure. I was wondering if we even need the ones we have today.
> > Wouldn't "Core" and a new category "Extras" be enough?
> I don't have strong opinion here.

It doesn't seem to be possible to remove components, so I just left everything unchanged.


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