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Re: [tycho-dev] Edit bugzilla versions

see inline


On 11-04-29 04:39 AM, Oberlies, Tobias wrote:
Igor Fedorenko wrote:
It's kinda hard to find. From (not to be
confused with !!! ), you go to "[tools]
for all Committers", then "Bugzilla components, targets, versions",
then you should be able to add new versions and components.

Thanks for the pointer. The problem was that I was logged in with my
bugzilla account and not with my committer account, so the "Tools for
committers" section was empty.

Now I get to the Bugzilla Self Management page, but I get only this
message: It looks like you don't have access to edit any bugzilla
components. Talk to the PL or PMC of your project(s)

@Igor: Could you please check if you can give me edit rights for
Tycho in bugzilla? My committer userId is toberlies.

Try now, looks like I needed to explicitly give you bugzilla edit permissions.

So please add 0.13.0 version, but I'd keep list of components short
for now. I'd wait until we get large number of bugreports and
feature requests before we decide how to classify them better.

Sure. I was wondering if we even need the ones we have today.
Wouldn't "Core" and a new category "Extras" be enough?

I don't have strong opinion here.

Regards Tobias

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