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Re: [tycho-dev] tycho-p2-extras, 0.11.0 release?

+1 for p2-extras 0.11.0 staging.
Works for our projects.

Thanks guys.


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I staged tycho-extras 0.11.0 and staging repo is available from [1]. I
also created tycho-extras-0.11.x branch for 0.11.0 release work and
updated master to use 0.12.0-SNAPSHOT version.

Also, why emma and p2-extras plugins use groupId=org.sonatype.tycho? I
think org.sonatype.tycho.extras is more appropriate in this case. What
do you think?



On 11-04-12 02:47 AM, Oberlies, Tobias wrote:
> Igor Fedorenko wrote:
>> For now, I disabled the job and can stage release from my machine if
>> thinks it's ready.
> Yes, please go ahead and stage the master state of tycho-extras.
>> We should probably consider moving Tycho builds to
>> eclipse infrastructure once we move the code their, and I am sure
>> webmaster will be thrilled about our disk space usage ;-)
> I agree that this would be a good idea. Eclipse is already setting up
a Nexus ( ) so this
should be doable.
> Thanks&  regards
> Tobais
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