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Re: [tycho-dev] tycho-p2-extras, 0.11.0 release?

Couple of things.

First, most of our hudson slaves apparently do not have direct access to
Maven Central repository and have to use special mirror in settins.xml.
I need to talk with Sonatype hudson masters to see what is the best
solution to this.

Second, it is generally not a good idea to release from master branch
because RELEASE and SNAPSHOT artifacts are deployed to different
repositories using different rules. Again, I need to talk to our
repository masters to see how to handle this better.

For now, I disabled the job and can stage release from my machine if you
thinks it's ready. We should probably consider moving Tycho builds to
eclipse infrastructure once we move the code their, and I am sure
webmaster will be thrilled about our disk space usage ;-)


On 11-04-11 11:43 AM, Oberlies, Tobias wrote:
Hi Igor,

Could you please check what is wrong with the tycho-extras build:

I don't really understand why it goes wrong. It claims that it cannot
find the tycho-maven-plugin 0.11.0 on central. The test passes on my
PC even if I clear out the org.sonatype.tycho artifacts from my local
maven repository.

Any ideas?

Regards Tobias

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