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[tycho-dev] Code formatting

Good point. Actually I have a quite strong opinion on the formatting of comments. I don't care much if we start with Maven or Eclipse (as long as we don't use their 80 characters line width). I am used to both by now - but if we want to attract other people from the Eclipse world, we should have a formatting that looks familiar for Eclipse developers. From own experience it takes a while to get used to the Maven formatting.

I'll propose a Eclipse-based formatter setting - with a list of all things that I changed over the Eclipse default.


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> I still want to apply the same code formatting for all sources. This
> needs to happen before branch point, otherwise merges will be much more
> difficult. If you have time to do reformatting today, please go ahead
> and do it. Otherwise I'll try to find time for this over the weekend.
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> Igor

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