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Re: [tycho-dev] Branch-point for releasing

I still want to apply the same code formatting for all sources. This
needs to happen before branch point, otherwise merges will be much more
difficult. If you have time to do reformatting today, please go ahead
and do it. Otherwise I'll try to find time for this over the weekend.


On 11-04-15 09:32 AM, Oberlies, Tobias wrote:
I find it more useful to do both the "n.SNAPSHOT ->  n" and the "n ->
n+1.SNAPSHOT" commits in master and then branch of after the first
commit. (Example: tycho 0.6.0 release, commits f66bb52 and 235de3d)

This would allow merges from the maintenance branch into the master
branch - which is in particularly useful if we have several changes
in the maintenance branch as with 0.11.x.

Also the CI build should be unaffected if you push both changes at

@Igor: Should I simply do this for 0.12.0? I'll be in the office for
at least two more hours.

Regards Tobias

Sievers, Jan wrote:
yes. You can go ahead with branching/staging from our point of

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