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Re: [tycho-dev] [Tycho Users] please test staged tycho 0.11.0

Now I understand. Is certainly a real issue, and I wouldn't mind restaging 0.11.0. Jan is looking into the patch because he knows the code much better than I do.


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> Subject: Re: [tycho-dev] [Tycho Users] please test staged tycho 0.11.0
> I've attached sample project and proposed fix to the bugzilla.
> Basically, Tycho [0.9.0, 0.11.0-SNAPSHOT] assumes jars.extra.classpath
> entries point at *classpath* entries of the target bundle and the fix is
> to make it use *any* existing bundle entry. The fix affects consuming
> end only and does not required any additional metadata from the
> referenced bundle.

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