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[tycho-dev] moving discussions and bugtracking to eclipse infrastructure

As part of our effort to move Tycho project to Eclipse we decided it is
time to start using mailing lists for all user and developer
discussions and eclipse bugzilla for tracking bug reports and feature
requests. More specifically,

There are two mailing lists -- tycho-dev and tycho-user -- setup at for Tycho development and usage related discussions
respectively. Information about subscribing to the lists links to
mailing lisr archives is available from Tycho project summary page at [1]. To give users time to migrate to the new mailing lists
tycho-users@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx will be alive for few more weeks, but we
WILL shutdown the list after that.

At this time we do not plan to use Eclipse forums and/or NNTP newgroups
for Tycho-related discussion, so eclipse.tycho forum and corresponding
newsgroup are closed for any new messages.

Eclipse bugzilla [2] should be used for all new Tycho bugreport and
feature requests. Tycho JIRA project at is now
closed for new issues, but it should be possible to comment on and
change state of issues that already exist. We are not planning to do
mass-migration of existing issues to bugzilla.


Tycho Team

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