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[tycho-dev] Request for Comments: Migration path to new packaging type for p2-enabled products

Tycho developers and users -

As announced before [1], we want to introduce a new packaging type for building p2-enabled products and remove that functionality from eclipse-repository [2]. While the technical details are mostly clear, we haven't decided on how this packaging type shall be introduced.

The new packaging type shall replace the current eclipse-application implementation. There are two options how this could be done:

   1. By assigning a new name to the new packaging type, e.g. "eclipse-product". The current eclipse-application packaging type would be deprecated and eventually be removed.
   2. By replacing "eclipse-application". To avoid the risk of blockers, the current implementation would remain available as fall-back under the name "eclipse-application-old".

What is your opinion on this?

I think that we should go for option 2, because it makes it more clear what we want people to use. I don't want the confusion again that we caused with eclipse-repository and eclipse-update-site. Also, the new packaging type will not need to mature after it has been created (as this was/is the case with eclipse-repository) because it will just be factored out of the eclipse-repository implementation.




Tobias Oberlies

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