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Re: [tracecompass-dev] Java Based DLT Reader/ Parser.

Hi Shreyas

thanks for the interest in Trace Compass. If I understand you correctly, is that you'd like to read and parse DLT files and analyze them with Trace Compass.

This can be achieved by creating extensions to Trace Compass.  Start wit adding a new trace type. Please have look at the Trace Compass developer guide to add a new trace type [1]. There is also an example in the developer guide which can lean your implementation on.

Best Regards
Bernd Hufmann


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Actually I am trying to read and parse DLT log file using java in Trace Compass Development Environment. And I also want to convert dlt log file to text file as I am not able to detect dlt texts and continue with the analysis part. The manadatory plugins of TMF have been added.
I went through the link<>
to understand how it reads the DLT Log file. Basically it reads line by line using inbuilt QT library functions. So I was not able to do this in java.

So kindly help me in reading and parsing DLT files.

With regards,

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