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[tracecompass-dev] Issue with custom Tracer based on Trace compass



We developed a CTF Trace analyzer with a custom trace format based on Trace Compass version 4.3.

Recently we ran into the following issue:


When opening a trace in a Tracing project, the analysis try to build the entry and perform the analysis eternally for our custom view based on a TimeGraphView.

It even freeze the eclipse instance and the workspace become unusable.


After further investigation, it seems that the thread that contains the deadlock is the thread that performs the mergeBucket() function that build the HistogramDataModel (I attached a screenshot of the call stack for this thread). This issue seems to come from the fact that we have an event with a timestamp that is apparently the size of a long (9223372036854775807). An overflow probably occur at the loop while(timestamp >= fTimeLimit).


We cannot see how to deal with this issue from our perspective, (for instance checking if an event is inconsistent in the trace that is processed) as most of the processing in our application is done by Trace compass.


Do you have any idea how we could solve this issue ?




Alexis Bouffies

Software Engineer/Analyst

Mannarino Systems & Software Inc.

100 Alexis-Nihon Boulevard, Suite 800

Canada, H4M 2P4


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