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[tracecompass-dev] A quesiton about using trace compass to parse and display CTF traces

Hi all,

I met a problem when trying to open a CTF trace in Trace Compass. The app didn't recognize the metadata file.
I followed the steps in to generate a metadata file with the sample YAML file. And the metadata file can't be recognized in Trace Compass.

barectf config.yaml  -->  generate metadata file

I compared the metadata file generated by barectf with the metadata files in sample traces( Seems the format of the two metadata file are different. The generated metadata file is a text file, while the one in sample trace is binary. I attached these two metadata files.

Do you know what is the difference between them, how could I generate a metadata file which can be recognized by Trace Compass.



Attachment: metadata_generated_by_barectf
Description: Binary data

Attachment: metadata_in_sample_trace
Description: Binary data

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