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Re: [tracecompass-dev] Maven build errors

Hi Mahesh


Thanks for the Trace Compass interest and the information about maven 3.6.2 version. I’m using maven 3.6.0 on Linux and the build works fine.


Looking at the logfile, I noticed that it dries to resolve a dependency to, but the update site doesn’t exist anymore. The target file that your build uses is and the version that you build points to that update site. So, I think you are trying to build an old version of Trace Compass. In any case, you can use the from the current master branch which should make your build work.


Which version (branch) are you current building? Also, which Eclipse baseline do you need to build for (4.9 or later versions)? Please let me know.





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I am trying to build TraceCompass on Windows 10 using Maven (3.6.0). However, I am getting errors that some repositories are not found (see the attached log file). What am I doing wrong? Or how can I fix it?

Best Regards,



P.S.: Maybe it should be mentioned somewhere that since maven 3.6.2 has broken maven-polyglot, TraceCompass can't be built with that version of Maven ( I had to revert  to v3.6.0 to proceed.

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