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Re: [tracecompass-dev] Performance of CPU usage analyses with many threads involved

Hello GeneviÃve,

Thank you for the data and explanation, that sounds good to me.
"the algorithm is not linear" - acknowledged, even my recent crude black box experiments were suggesting that it is not :-).

Some more info on the check box behavior FWIW:
Unselecting a thread takes even longer to produce a result than selecting it.
- I expanded the tree and selected the topmost thread (took the usual ~5s to finish rendering).
- I collapsed the tree and unselected the remaining single checkbox - that took ~70s to complete the rendering.
- I tried the same procedure with the bottommost thread in the tree and it took ~15s to complete.

That's strange but maybe all checkboxes need to update their status from "top to bottom" every time a change happens. That would explain why it takes longer to unselect a thread from top than from bottom. However, it does not explain why unselecting seems to take at least 3 times longer than selecting. Anyway, mere conjecture and doesn't actually make much sense.

Regards, Rudolf

Am 2019-02-21 18:43, schrieb Genevieve Bastien:
Hi Rudolf,

There was no benchmark for the CPU Usage analysis, so I made one that queries the backend. For manyThreads, it takes 2.15 minutes to query 10 times the tree on the left and the CPU usage for all threads. There was an easy performance fix, got that down to 1.5 minutes for 10x the full queries (so ~9s for one query of both tree and graph data). So the problem is definitely not the backend (the algorithm is not linear).

After doing some more profiling according to your comments, one would
think that if the checkboxes are not visible, they would not be
rendered, but that is apparently not true, it is still checking the
checked state of each box, no matter if it's visible or not. And that
still takes forever. Somebody in the team is looking into this.
Hopefully we'll "fix" that pretty soon.

Thanks and don't hesitate if you notice any other such performance hit!



On 2019-02-21 4:36 a.m., rreinsberger@xxxxxxxxx wrote:
Hello GeneviÃve,

I tried the same with a collapsed tree so that only the topmost check box remains. So, selecting this one implicitly selects all 1535 collapsed threads. Although there is nothing apparently to render in this case (in terms of individual thread checkboxes) the result is the same as with the expanded tree view.

However, trying to render just individual threads from this example takes between 5s to 7s on my machine (which is well aged but with an i7 core after all). That would roughly mean about 2 hours to render all 1535 threads. So, I am not that sure that it's definitely the GUI check boxes causing this run time?

As the many-threads example I use is from the test repository do you know if there is any test protocol for this test case telling about the expected results and run time?


Am 2019-02-18 16:44, schrieb Genevieve Bastien:
Hi Rudolf,

Wow, reading this bug report brings back memories... Claudette nodes...

Anyway, indeed, on the backend side, there should be no performance
problems anymore, and from doing a bit of sampling after reading your
mail, the performance problem you're experience comes from the
frontend: The UI spends most of its time rendering checkboxes of the
tree items... Because there's a lot of items in this tree, yet only a
few of them are visible. I think the 'tree' widget of those views
should be more lazy and display only the visible items instead of all
of them. There should be a bug for that. Especially that we have more
and more of that type of views with a lot of items...

Thanks for bringing this up,



On 2019-02-18 8:05 a.m., rreinsberger@xxxxxxxxx wrote:

Evaluating the CPU usage analyses and view I used sample/test data from here:


â and from here (see file attachment in the report):


Trying to update the CPU usage graph with all threads selected the analyses took a very long time (>30 min) until Trace Compass (v4.2) was eventually rendered unresponsive.

It seems that in the bug report referred to above this problem (or at least parts of it) were addressed. However, I am not sure what performance and results are to be expected for this test traces. Is the CPU usage supposed to work and produce results with this trace data in TC version 4.2?

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