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[tracecompass-dev] Recording Traces using Trace Compass


I have been playing with tracecompass off and on for a few weeks now but am still really struggling trying to understand the interface.

I am trying to trace events on my arm target using trace compass.  I initially tried live tracing but was advised that it was not reliable.

My second attempt was to use lttng-relayd on the host and then connect to this from the target, this produces traces on my host which I can view when I stop tracing.

Reading the documentation at

Suggests that I should be able to create a ssh based session and view the resultant events without having to use a relay.

I can create the session fine, and enable events but I never seem to end up with traces that contain any events.

I can start and stop sessions but it is not clear how one views the resultant traces,If I initiate a trace using the control interface it seems to produce empty traces, it is also not clear how one would view these traces even if they did contain events, does one have to import them from the target? and is that different from the fetch remote traces options.

Is there any other documentation that shows a simple example of how through the control interface one would initiate a tracing session for all events and then view that in the traceview?



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