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Re: [tracecompass-dev] Trace filters not working in Eclipse Oxygen release

Hi Dave,

I really hate to say this, it works for me...

Are you using things that you can share online? Maybe we can see your



On 17-10-26 09:05 AM, David Wootton wrote:
> Hi
> My plugins use the trace filter view
> org.eclipse.tracecompass.tmf.ui.views.filter.FilterView to allow the
> user to define filters to filter events in the trace editor view. This
> worked fin in the Neon Eclipse release but is not working any more in
> the Oxygen release.
> I can define a filter and save it so that it shows up in the filter
> list when I right click in the trace editor view. However, when I
> select that filter, the updated trace editor view always shows me an
> empty view with no events.
> I have tried simple filters with only a single Aspect, where I have
> tried using the Equals, Matches and Contains conditions as well as
> ignoring case, and none of them show any matching events.
> The Aspect classes I use simply implement the ITmfEventAspect
> interface where the resolve method returns a String object containing
> the value of the requested field, where that value shows up correctly
> in the trace editor view.
> Has something changed between the Neon and Oxygen SR1 releases that
> affects how trace filters are supposed to work, and which I may not
> have realized?
> Dave
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