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[tracecompass-dev] Trace filters not working in Eclipse Oxygen release

My plugins use the trace filter view org.eclipse.tracecompass.tmf.ui.views.filter.FilterView to allow the user to define filters to filter events in the trace editor view. This worked fin in the Neon Eclipse release but is not working any more in the Oxygen release.

I can define a filter and save it so that it shows up in the filter list when I right click in the trace editor view. However, when I select that filter, the updated trace editor view always shows me an empty view with no events.

I have tried simple filters with only a single Aspect, where I have tried using the Equals, Matches and Contains conditions as well as ignoring case, and none of them show any matching events.

The Aspect classes I use simply implement the ITmfEventAspect interface where the resolve method returns a String object containing the value of the requested field, where that value shows up correctly in the trace editor view.

Has something changed between the Neon and Oxygen SR1 releases that affects how trace filters are supposed to work, and which I may not have realized?


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