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Re: [tracecompass-dev] Splitting the CTF library into a separate project

Hi Alex

There are multiple concerns from my side and I'm currently not for this change.

First of all, the CTF features is deployed right now on the main Trace Compass updates site. We cannot just remove it from there. We would figure out how to do that correctly. 
Secondly, the release engineering needs to be clear. Trace Compass is part of the simultaneous releases, so is the CTF feature as part of Trace Compass. Releasing CTF separately needs to be aligned with Trace Compass releases. 
Thirdly, the way that the p2 update site would be built is using a third-party tool for maven (available on github). This one converts a maven plug-in into a p2 update site. I was ok to do it for the test traces, but for a core features like CTF I’m not really ok with it. 

I see the point having the CTF feature also as a maven plug-in, though. If we could generate the maven plug-in from the Eclipse artifacts it would be better.


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Hi all,

I have been working on splitting Trace Compass's CTF plugins into a separate Maven project. The idea was to do something similar to the tracecompass-test-traces [1] repository, which is to have the same code base generate both a Maven artifact and a p2 repo. That way it can be used by both Eclipse plugins and "standard" Maven projects.

I have put the result on my Github:

and I've verified that:
- the tests pass
- generated temporary files are cleaned up
- making Trace Compass use it seems to work fine

Would you be interested into hosting this version at Eclipse, and having Trace Compass depend on it? If there's interest I could create the repo, create the relevant Hudson jobs, and prepare patches to switch TC to that version of the library.



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