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[tracecompass-dev] Splitting the CTF library into a separate project

Hi all,

I have been working on splitting Trace Compass's CTF plugins into a
separate Maven project. The idea was to do something similar to the
tracecompass-test-traces [1] repository, which is to have the same code
base generate both a Maven artifact and a p2 repo. That way it can be
used by both Eclipse plugins and "standard" Maven projects.

I have put the result on my Github:

and I've verified that:
- the tests pass
- generated temporary files are cleaned up
- making Trace Compass use it seems to work fine

Would you be interested into hosting this version at Eclipse, and having
Trace Compass depend on it? If there's interest I could create the repo,
create the relevant Hudson jobs, and prepare patches to switch TC to
that version of the library.



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