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Re: [tracecompass-dev] Late API addition to time graph for Neon

I'm ok with the API addition. No side effect for existing extensions.

Thanks laying out the details of the change.


On 06/02/2016 03:48 PM, Patrick Tasse wrote:
I would like to make a late API addition to the time graph widget interface.

While fixing bug 494952, I found that the Time Chart view interfered with the initial window range of a trace.

The Time Chart view calls resetStartFinishTime() on its time graph viewer when a trace (or the view) is opened to reset the window to the full range and reset the 'time range fixed' flag. The implementation of this method also notifies the range listeners and this in turn triggers the broadcast of the TmfWindowRangeUpdatedSignal which modifies the window range for all other views.

I could not find a solution that does not add or modify API or modify the implementation behavior of the existing method. So I would like to add the following method to the ITimeDataProvider interface:

void resetStartFinishTime(boolean notify);

The Time Chart view can then call this method with the flag set to false and this will not interfere with the window range of other views. Other users of the existing method are not affected.

If anyone has any objection to this change please let us know. Otherwise we will consider merging this change to the stable-2.0 branch after proper review.

The patch that implements this change (on master branch) can be found here:


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