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[tracecompass-dev] Trace Compass Mars.2 release preparation

Hi all,

Mars.2 release is approaching fast and I would like to share the plan for Trace Compass for the Mars.2 release. Trace Compass project will release version 1.2 for Mars.2.

Feature Freeze:
The feature freeze for Mars will be together with the RC1 build of Trace Compass. I'll collect the RC1 build the morning of Wednesday January 20/2016 from branch dev-1.x. This means that any feature that you want to be part of the 1.2 release should be reviewed and merged to dev-1.x before January 20/2015. I'll create the release branch stable-1.2 from dev-1.x right after the same day. Only bug fixes, documentation updates or JUnit tests should be added on this branch afterwards.

Release Testing:
Like every previous release, we'll execute a set of manual test cases to ensure that the features a working properly. For that, a test specification exists and can be found under [1] for reference. Up to know, the tests have been executed by the committers, but if someone else from the community is interested to participate, please let me know.

Release Notes:
I've created the New & Noteworthy pages [2]. I've started adding items to it. Please feel free to add any missing items.

Release Review;
I'll take of the preparation of the release review.

For more information about the Mars simultaneous release, see reference [3].

If you have any questions, please let us know.

Best Regards


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