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Re: [tracecompass-dev] Inquiry about writing xml analysis file

Hi Changee,

I apologise for the late reply.

1- I checked, and we do not support experiments or trace sets yet with
XML views. This is an interesting feature we do have it in the pipe for
later. It should be in trace compass 2.0, but if you have any
suggestions on how to do it, we are very open to input. (and patches, :))

2- A single message on the timegraph: I am assuming you mean like a
label on the timegraph entry. This is also not yet supported.

3- Pattern matching event providers. This is also super interesting and
important, it is done in now but it is not yet
supported in XML. I would love to give you an eta on when we will
implement these features, but at this moment the answer is soon, but not
yet. :(

Thank you for your interest in the project. One suggestion I would have
is to open bugs in the bugzilla for the three features. That way you
will be mailed the second (maybe minute) that the features are merged.

I hope to hear from you soon,


On 15-10-30 09:04 AM, 한창희 (Changhee Han) wrote:
> Dear tracecompass devlopers,
> I'd like to ask your help. I'm going to integate our system's logs includes
> lttng-kernel and ust logs. To do that, I have to write a xml file to
> analysis lttng-ust logs but I couldn't get enough information and examples.
> I already read user guide and pdf files related with this but I still have
> lot of question marks. 
> For examples, 
> 1. How to see lttng-kernel and ust timegraph on the same view. An example
> below can see timegraph but not on 'Experiments'.
> 2. How to show a single message on timegraph.
> 3. How to avoid defining similar "eventName" of eventHandler. A ust log
> comes with this format "<Category>:func_entry" or <Category>:func_exit". I
> doesn't make sence to define all categories on a xml file.
> ...
> Above all, I needs examples to write my own xml file. It would be great
> help if you tell me some document or examples.
> Thanks and regards,
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