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[tracecompass-dev] Inquiry about writing xml analysis file

Dear tracecompass devlopers,

I'd like to ask your help. I'm going to integate our system's logs includes
lttng-kernel and ust logs. To do that, I have to write a xml file to
analysis lttng-ust logs but I couldn't get enough information and examples.
I already read user guide and pdf files related with this but I still have
lot of question marks. 

For examples, 
1. How to see lttng-kernel and ust timegraph on the same view. An example
below can see timegraph but not on 'Experiments'.

2. How to show a single message on timegraph.

3. How to avoid defining similar "eventName" of eventHandler. A ust log
comes with this format "<Category>:func_entry" or <Category>:func_exit". I
doesn't make sence to define all categories on a xml file.

Above all, I needs examples to write my own xml file. It would be great
help if you tell me some document or examples.

Thanks and regards,

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