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[tracecompass-dev] New and Noteworthy July 2015


See below for the New & Noteworthy of the Trace Compass project July 2015.

Best Regards
  • Release planning: Trace Compass release v1.1 for Eclipse Mars SR1 (September 2015) and v2.0 for Eclipse Neon release (June 2016)
  • Improved handling of lost events in the framework, in the LTTng extension as well as in the Histogram view. The Histogram view now better highlights the durations where lost events occurred (see [1])
  • CTF parser now fully supports dynamic and absolute scopes as well as timestamps in event fields (see [2] and [3])
  • Add interface and in-memory implementation of storing of segments (e.g. time durations) which can overlap. This will be useful for implementing analyses such as Latency Analysis.


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