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[tracecompass-dev] Viewing custom events in a timeline


I am currently trying to analyze the behavior and performance of a system under different configurations and circumstances. What I have is a series of events (start/stop) relative to several (~200) separate "entities" which I would like to see plotted in a timeline: Kind of like the timeline you see on the "Network" tab of the Developer Tools under Firefox, where you see how long each HTTP request lasts and how it overlaps with the others. Or like the "Control Flow" view in Tracecompass, except each row is *NOT* a linux process/thread, rather an internal "entity". So the data shall not come from LTTNG traces, rather from external, custom data.
I suppose I could either:
a) post-process a log file (by writing some translation script), so to generate some CTF trace, "faking" processes with my own entities, or
b) instrument the code itself so to generate LTTNG-UST events.

Any ideas how I could achieve this? Just some hint on where to start...

Thank you so much!

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