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Re: [tracecompass-dev] Feature List for new Trace Compass UI

Hi William

Thanks for the information and the upcoming work.
I have a few comments and suggestions. I copied the document content below since I was not able to edit it. I added some notes starting with with my name.

Best Regards

Desirable features:

  • record button (on the main Eclipse toolbar) - basic
    [Bernd] I would suggest to have that not in the Eclipse toolbar for the IDE version (non-RCP). The reason is that the toolbar get's crowed and some users of the IDE would not like that. I would suggest to have it in the LTTng Control view coolbar because this is the focus of your work. Right now there is no other tracer control for other envrionments (e.g. PCAP, Perf etc.). For the Trace Compass RCP, you could add it to the main toolbar but that should be treated as a additional requirement.
    The recorded configuration of a LTTng tracing session should be stored in the XML format that the LTTng traces uses for "lttng save" and and "lttng load" feature. Please note that the commands "lttng save/load" are not yet supported in the Control view and need to be added so that you can use it easily. The record, save and load feature in the LTTng control view will be a great addition for Trace Compass

  • Basic mode (selection of profiles and connection) a  little similar to a run configuration - basic
    [Bernd] This sounds for me like a button to quickly select and run a existing profile. Great idea. However I'm not sure where this will be located. In the Project Explorer? Control view? Main Eclipse toolbar and menu? If latter, then maybe a run configuration could be considered  for that.

  • multiple checkbox selection for the profiles - basic
    [Bernd] I'm not clear where the list of profiles for checkbox selection will be located. In a separate dialog or separate view?

  • Importing the trace after the tracing session - basic
    [Bernd] The LTTng control view already has a remote import feature. Is there something missing for your uses case? Please note that we are going to generalize the remote import feature which will be contributed to Trace Compass soon (see bugs and This will be complementary to your changes.

  • Opening the corresponding metric according to the profile selected - basic

  • Some way to edit the basic profiles - intermediate
    [Bernd] Not clear 

  • Unified interface between profile edition and a wizard if possible - intermediate
    [Bernd] Not clear

  • Toolbar button for automatic script execution - advanced
    [Bernd] What types of script shall be executed? Script to create tracing sessions? Scripts to analyze a trace?
    BTW, the LTTng Control view already has a way to run several command line operations as a script.

Sort the features between basic, intermediate and advanced users
[Bernd] Great, it makes sense to have an incremental approach and scope the increments.  

  • basic

    • Easiest navigation possible (not too many options)

    • Description on the option whenever possible

    • Automatic metrics according to the tracing selection

  • intermediate

    • Some more options than just the basic profiles

    • ways to explore the options and the possible outcomes when different events are selected

    • this use case as a way to progress to an advance user if the user wishes

  • advanced users

    • Imports scripts for the configuration, no need for interface on that regard

    • automated tracing (usually Python script)

On 02/27/2015 03:54 PM, William wrote:

We are a small team of engineering students at École Polytechnique de Montréal working in partnership with Ericsson on the development of new and exciting features for Trace Compass.

We have built a list of desired features for the new user interface we would like to build, with the eventual goal of easing in new users into properly tracing and displaying traces with the help of Trace Compass. We would like to receive comments, feedback and ideas concerning this list from the Trace Compass developers themselves.

Here is the link to the Google Docs we have created. You may add comments/feedback as annotations to the document or simply reply to this email.

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