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[tools-pmc] What is our purpose?

Hi fellow-PMCers,

I just approved Oomph's release review. I had left it for a few days hoping someone else would jump in on it as I still feel new (I have only been PMCing for 18 months ;-). 

The reason for my hesitation is that the Oomph release review request was pretty much empty. Previous reviews were approved with similar/identical content so there is precedent here.

So, what do my fellow PMC members consider the purpose of doing a release review? What should we be checking? For example, should we require a N&N link from the PMI? What about a list of bugs fixed? Should the project website be checked for conformance to Eclipse guidelines?

In the Oomph case I happen to know about some of the major changes in the last year (JustJ bundling, JRE support, Aarch installer, etc), but none of these accomplishments by the project are listed on the PMI, nor on anything the PMI links to AFAICT.


Jonah Graham
Kichwa Coders

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