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Re: [tools-pmc] Oomph 1.20.0 Release Review


Sorry for the delay. However I will reiterate what was said on previous release reviews:

"It would be nice if Issues or Release Plan tabs were not empty. The bugs fixed is a bit hard to find in the Review Information tab." -- 1.11.0 review

"BTW, it would make it easier for us if there was a N&N to tell what new features and APIs were added, rather than try and guess from the bug list." -- 1.10.0 review

Is Oomph in maintenance mode? i.e. is there new features, changing APIs, etc? Is 1.11.0 really a service release rather than a minor release? Can the project use the milestone field in Bugzilla for example? I did a search on modified date

In addition, the 1.16 Release from a year ago was never actually approved AFAICT as it still shows as pending - I can't see a request to tools-pmc@ either.


Jonah Graham
Kichwa Coders

On Fri, 12 Feb 2021 at 03:10, Eike Stepper <stepper@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Dear PMC,

Please approve the Oomph 1.20.0 release that is scheduled to be part of SimRel 2021-03 on March 17.

The release review material can be found at
The IP log review request can be found at


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