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[tools-pmc] Project move proposals

Hey gang, I’d like to bring your attention to a couple of bugs that discuss moves that I hope will keep certain technologies important to the CDT community alive.


By doing so, I’d like to bring target management back into scope for the CDT. We had started working on that before the DSDP project came along and took target management under its scope (which was fine at the time). When DSDP disbanded, TM was returned to the Tools project on its own where it thrived for a while. However, we are starting to run out of active committers on those components.


We had started an effort to move org.eclipse.remote over to TM, but I fear that’s no longer a safe landing spot. As a result, I’d like to bring it to CDT where we have a number of features that depend on it.


The second piece I’d like to bring to CDT is the Terminal. Again we have a number of use cases that are serviced by the Terminal, Arduino being the most concrete. Embedded systems developers especially have a need for it working with boards either through serial ports or over the network.


Note that we would leave RSE in TM. Most people I talk to, including myself 😊, believe that o.e.remote is a much better solution for our needs than RSE.


The related bugs are listed below. Please provide your feedback there. This is a bit of a presumptuous move and I’d be happy for someone to call me on it. But I think this is the best for not only the CDT community but for other communities that rely on these features. (org.eclipse.remote) (Terminal)


Note also that I’d like to get these done as soon after CDT 9.4/Oxygen.2 as possible so we can have them cleanly integrated for CDT 9.5/Photon which is looking more and more like a significant feature rich release for CDT. (And yes CDT 9.5, not CDT 10 which we’ll save for later).

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