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Re: [tools-pmc] Move of Terminal and Remote TM to CDT

Thanks David. Comments in Doug>


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Subject: Re: [tools-pmc] Move of Terminal and Remote TM to CDT


No objection.

But, will point out if CDT committers could "keep it alive" then why can't they simply become committers in TM and do the work there (and, I'm guessing, move (o.e.remote to TM).


Doug> I have become a committer on these components and I fear I am about to be the only active committer on these components. I need help and am looking to the CDT community for that help. This move makes it easier in theory.

I think there are other consumers of 'remote' and 'terminal' (such as the JEE EPP package) so wouldn't you need to keep a separate build? Oh, just realized you would not have to for EPP packages,
as long as there is a "simultaneous release" :) but you might think through if there are any other consumers that might need it on a different schedule that CDT.


Doug> CDT releases every six months now. Given how few consumers have stepped up to contribute, they should be happy to have these components release that often.

Plus, in Eclipse "main" releases, such as those participating in Simultaneous Release, is there still just one "remote" and one "terminal"? I thought some of the TM re-org/termination issues came up because someone was doing something similar? But, it is a vague memory -- I have not researched the history.


Doug> Yes, we are down to one Terminal. Wind River has left Eclipse and we were lucky to consolidate the two we had before that happened.


Doug> There are two remotes. RSE still exists and that will be the only thing left in TM. Kaloyan Raev from Zend has been keeping it on life support. We will need to monitor that situation. In the mean time, we will be keeping o.e.remote as an active component in CDT.

Good luck! (sounds complicated)


Doug> Thanks, it’s not really that complicated. Over the last few months, the number of people contributing to these projects has approached zero. It’s a pretty sad situation and I’m doing my best to try and make these projects easier for new contributors to get involved with and project consolidation is one tool that I hope can help with that.

On 08/30/2017 04:17 PM, Doug Schaefer wrote:

Hey gang,


There is a current request,, which has the intention of bring the org.eclipse.remote target management system and the Terminal plug-ins together under a single project. The idea is to make Terminal the official terminal for o.e.remote connections, and make o.e.remote the standard (but not only) connection technology for the Terminals.


My fear is that the originally proposed home in the TM project is about to collapse. As such, I’d like to bring them under the CDT umbrella. C/C++ developers these days deal mainly with remote systems, either embedded development boards or big iron servers. Target Management has always been a desired feature of the CDT (we even had a proposal at one time to build such a system until DSDP came along and that’s a good story on its own). IMHO, it’s time to bring target management home and give it and CDT some much needed energy.


My proposal as listed on the bug is to bring the two git repos and all related artifacts for these components under the ownership and responsibility of the CDT. We still need to reach agreement with the projects involved, but before I do that, I’d like to see if anyone on the Tools PMC objects.





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