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Re: [tools-pmc] Merge source code without CQ's for dependencies

On 09/12/2016 04:59 PM, Roland Grunberg wrote:
Dear Tools PMC,

here is a gerrit patch [1] for Zend PDT Composer support implementation. CQ
was filled and aproved by IP Team.
To simplify integration with Community implementation (already merged), we
would like to merge it into project repository (under incubation dir)
without filling CQ’s for it’s dependencies.
Can we do it? We don’t want dependencies in IP Log that probably never will
be used:

1. We will not release plugins based on linked code.
2. We do not plan any builds based on this code.
3. All dependencies are on orbit.
4. Before code move to plugins/ dirs we will prepare CQ for dependency if
5. After merge operation, rest of unused code will be removed from

[1] -
So basically, you want to avoid having to file the uses-CQs for things that
you don't intend to actually use (jackson-{core,databind,annotations} that are
already in Orbit). I think this makes sense to me. If the code itself was
approved through a CQ and as long as no attempt is made to build+ship it
(which would imply satisfying the dependencies) then I'm pretty sure it should
be ok.

It is a bit of a special case, so I would love to hear other's thoughts as I
guess it's my first day :)


I agree with Roland your plan is ok. But, will add one caution or "to-do" item (which you may have already done, directly or indirectly).

Be sure it is ok with the original contributor! They might, for example, have done it the way they did because in their "product" they want to make use of some of those other dependencies (or, the function that depends on them) so if you remove them that would defeat at least part of the purpose of them making the contribution. Even then, we might "technically" be able to modify a contribution but it is not very polite or community friendly.


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