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Re: [tools-pmc] Merge source code without CQ's for dependencies

> Dear Tools PMC,
> here is a gerrit patch [1] for Zend PDT Composer support implementation. CQ
> was filled and aproved by IP Team.
> To simplify integration with Community implementation (already merged), we
> would like to merge it into project repository (under incubation dir)
> without filling CQ’s for it’s dependencies.
> Can we do it? We don’t want dependencies in IP Log that probably never will
> be used:
> 1. We will not release plugins based on linked code.
> 2. We do not plan any builds based on this code.
> 3. All dependencies are on orbit.
> 4. Before code move to plugins/ dirs we will prepare CQ for dependency if
> needed.
> 5. After merge operation, rest of unused code will be removed from
> repository.
> [1] -

So basically, you want to avoid having to file the uses-CQs for things that
you don't intend to actually use (jackson-{core,databind,annotations} that are
already in Orbit). I think this makes sense to me. If the code itself was
approved through a CQ and as long as no attempt is made to build+ship it
(which would imply satisfying the dependencies) then I'm pretty sure it should
be ok.

It is a bit of a special case, so I would love to hear other's thoughts as I
guess it's my first day :)

Roland Grunberg

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