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Re: [tools-pmc] PMC Approval for libwebsockets usage in TCF agent


On 8/17/2016 4:29 PM, Mike Milinkovich wrote:
On 8/17/2016 8:38 AM, David M Williams wrote:
This is actually a question for "the lawyers".  I suggest you go ahead and open a CQ making it clear the license is LGPL and see what they say. My *guess* is it might have to be dynamically linked, but, not sure.

We actually do have a policy that applies to using LGPL libraries:

Does the project's use fit within this policy?
overall it does but there are a few specifics:

1 - The license of the library is not LGPL, it is "LGPL with exceptions" (exceptions are listed at Does this impact: "
The APIs cannot be obtained under a more permissive open source license (e.g., the BSD)."?
2 - In the document you refer to, it is indicated:
"The LGPL APIs must be maintained in a separate module that will form the binding. The binary code for the binding must be dynamically linked by any modules that use it and must be accompanied with notices that make it clear that the file is licensed under the LGPL. The source code for the binding must contain notices that make it clear that the file is licensed under the LGPL.". I understand it has to be the case for a LGPL library but the exceptions I talk about in previous point should make this point unnecessary. Anyway, if it makes things simpler, I can ensure that the library will always be dynamically linked (which is currently the case in the code I plan to commit).


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Date:        08/17/2016 06:57 AM
Subject:        [tools-pmc] PMC Approval for libwebsockets usage in TCF agent
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I would like to make use of the libwebsockets library
( in the Eclipse TCF agent
( According to the libwebsockets license
(, it
should not be an issue to link this library statically and/or
dynamically with TCF agent (TCF agent is written in "C" code).

Can you please confirm it is okay to include usage of libwebsockets in
TCF agent. Please, let me know any additional details/information you
may need.

Didier Brachet

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