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Re: [tools-pmc] Request assistance for Eclipse Titan

In principle, this is fine with me ... but one question and one comment came to mind.

I assume you are still considered "incubating" (even though your release number is greater than 1). I'm not concerned about the number, that's understandable, but I didn't see it mentioned that you were "an Incubating project". Are you? (I would think so). If so, would be good to mention that up front (and, put an "egg" on your website). If I have misunderstood some "prior agreement" with EMO, let me know.

Also, not to be too picky about my own ignorance, I could not see where you said what TTCN-3 was. I know how to use "Google Search" :) but stylistically, would be nice to "spell out" what the ascyron stands for and give a link to "what it was".  (Apologies in advance, if I just missed it, in my quick read.)


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