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[tools-pmc] [CQ 9154] jsr363 Version: 0.7

--- Comment #5 from Werner Keil <werner.keil@xxxxxxx>  2015-01-19 06:18:39 ---
(In reply to comment #4)
> Is there a "project CQ" open for this? 
> The way it is supposed to work, is that "the project" opens the very first CQ
> for approval, and then the Orbit bug is made to "piggy back" on that one as
> simply an "add to Orbit CQ". If other projects then use it, they can refer to
> only the Orbit CQ. 
> But, this is the mechanism we have to make sure we (and IP Staff) are working
> in support of Eclipse Projects. 
> Thanks, 

There are at least 2 projects (Smart Home and UOMo) interested in using this
JSR plus 2 or more others currently using (the "inofficial" non-final;-) JSR
275 which may also migrate when they feel it suitable.

Sorry raising it the other way, unfortunately the new IPZilla and site layout
caused many problems with "dead links" to useless pages only saying "please try
again via" This was the best way to work.

I'll share the CQ with both projects, so they may file their own request to use
JSR 363 if this is approved.


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