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[tools-pmc] FW: [CQ 8776] ANTLR plugin for Eclipse 4.1.3


Please  let me have your  opinion on this

Thank you and best regards


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Subject: [CQ 8776] ANTLR plugin for Eclipse 4.1.3

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--- Comment #10 from Elemer Lelik <elemer.lelik@xxxxxxxxxxxx>  2014-12-11 04:44:30 --- Hi Sharon,

thank you.

Well, that's unfortunate.

We will look into a technical solution to replace this dependency with one acceptable by the Eclipse Foundation.

Technically , this dependency affects only part of the code :
the Titan core and the Titan toolset are unaffected, while the Eclipse IDE plug-ins depend  on antlr during build and runtime.

This means that there might be a number of possible scenarios to continue:

1) we remove the affected source code from the initial contribution and continue with what remains ; the Titan core is self-contained, it does not depend on the IDE and can be used without it meanwhile we rework the plug-in code and when considered acceptable , we re-submit it as an addition to the existing project

In this scenario, users will not be able to use the IDE plug-ins, at least initially.

2)we keep the source code of the plug-ins in the initial contribution  and
obtain an approval for it, but we build no binaries for the plug-ins (hence
antlr will not be distributed ) 
meanwhile we rework the code , and resubmit the changes , possibly with a new
CQ reflecting a new dependency

In this scenario , users will be able to build the IDE plug-ins from the source
code , but they will have to acquire and install the "antlr  for eclipse "

Please let me know if any of these scenarios are acceptable, or there is a 
course of action you would suggest.

Please refer this to the PMC as well.

Best regards


Greetings Elemer;

My apologies for not noticing that you referenced Antlr 2.7.6 when you created
the new attachment.  Unfortunately, if any content from version 2.7.6 of Antlr
(generic Antlr) is included, it will be problematic.

>From an Eclipse distribution standpoint, only version 3.x and above are
approved as the Antlr project lead rewrote Antlr v.2.x due to unclear

I'll stand by to hear from you.

Best Regards,

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