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Re: [tools-pmc] PMC Approval Requested for Linux Tools 3.1.0 Release

+1 from me.

BTW, Jeff, I¹ve been meaning to ask you and the Linuxtools crew about
release cadence, and also bring it up with the PMC here in case others
have opinions.

CDT as well is doing minor releases with the SR¹s. This is to be our
first. Marc will be submitting request for approval when he gets back from
holidays. But I found that the SR-1 time frame to be too short to properly
finish the features I was working on. It¹s only three months after the
June release and add in summer holiday schedules, it¹s way less than the 4
month cadence I was minimally comfortable with.

The question is whether projects would feel more comfortable with a 6
month release cadence, with minor releases in June and December. Gives us
lots of time while still allowing us to release more often than the yearly
releases which are trigging so much forking. Unless the whole train goes
to this cadence, we could still deliver SR¹s as scheduled, they¹d just be
SR¹s on the previous minor, i.e. Feb would be the SR for the Dec release.

We had a discussion on the cdt-dev list about that. Most people were OK
either way. I¹d like to see what other projects think and whether we may
want to formalize the Dec release with some sort of simultaneousness. Or
whether others have the same problem.


On 2014-08-28, 1:45 PM, "Jeff Johnston" <jjohnstn@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

>Dear PMC Members,
>I'm requesting PMC approval for the Linux Tools 3.1.0 minor release that
>is scheduled
>to coincide with Eclipse Luna SR1.
>The project's IP Log has been submitted and is awaiting approval.
>Jeff Johnston (Linux Tools Project)
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