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Re: [tools-pmc] Are we having a "second Wednesday" meeting this month?

Yes, I am still on holidays and will miss.

BTW, just wondering where we are with the commons project. I timed out with the LaunchBar and put it into CDT for now. We have so many things there, it's not really out of place.


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Subject: [tools-pmc] Are we having a "second Wednesday" meeting this month?

If I recall, Doug mentioned that he'd be out and not able to attend.

We can have one without him, of course, but unless I missed it, no one volunteered to "coordinate" the meetings for the next rotation.

I'm fine skipping this month ... but also fine attending if there is a reason, and if someone has volunteered to coordinate the next cycle?

Just thought I'd ask explicitly, since I could have easily missed for forgotten previous statements.


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