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Re: [tools-pmc] [mtj-dev] ME Embedded Support in MTJ development is starting

The required review was completed successfully.

I'm waiting on input on


On 05/27/2014 01:49 AM, David M Williams wrote:

What's the status of "MTJ" as a project? Has that been set up yet, the "reboot" committers added? (I volunteer Wayne to help, if not :).

I just didn't see it listed under
so made me think there's some "official" things to do, to get database corrected ... or, someone can correct me!


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To:        <alexander.burdukov@xxxxxxxxxx>,
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Date:        05/27/2014 12:46 AM
Subject:        Re: [mtj-dev] ME Embedded Support in MTJ development is starting
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Hi Alex,

Sorry for late reply.
Feature list sounds promising.

You should work on master branch of MTJ repository. That's a steady and tested branch.


From: ext Alexander Burdukov [alexander.burdukov@xxxxxxxxxx]
Sent: Friday, May 23, 2014 7:41 AM
To: Gothadiya Pranav (Nokia-DX/Bangalore)
Cc: mtj-dev@xxxxxxxxxxx
Subject: ME Embedded Support in MTJ development is starting

Hi, Pranav,

we are starting active development of ME8 Embedded support in MTJ.
The goal is to prepare something usable (ideally, complete ME8 Embedded
support) by the beginning of JavaOne'14 (approx. end of Sep).
The draft tasks breakdown and estimations are below. At the moment I
expect that 3 engineers are going to be involved in this development.
Could you advise us which repository we should base on at the moment
(master, installable_sdk, ...)?


1. Support of IMP-NG and MEEP profiles, CLDC 8 configuration - 1 week
2. Remove preverification step for MEEP based projects - 1 week
3. Associate ME project launchers with projects as it did for Java SE
projects (currently removing of project does not remove its launchers
that causes some bad side effects) - 2 weeks
4. Replace ME SDK workarounds by complete solution on MTJ side - 1 week:
    1) MTJ tries to remove MIDlet suite from the project device when
running a project in OTA mode instead of removing from the device where
the project is going to be run.
    2) On Win32 MTJ uses "cmd/c" to run emulator process instead of
just running emulator executable itself. As the result termination of
this run in Eclipse does not terminate the emulator.
5. MEEP Security Model support - 2 weeks
6. LIBlets support:
    1) LIBlets basic infrastructure (project type, new project wizard,
build) - 2 weeks
    2) LIBlets project dependencies - 2 weeks
    3) LIBlets provisioning - 2 weeks
    4) LIBlets signing - 1 week
7. ME Compiler Plugin Support - 2 weeks:
     Allow to run additional project builder on compiled classes. E.g.,
Oracle Java ME VM does not support "invokedynamic" JVM instruction, so
we need to generate corresponding warnings on project build.
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