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Re: [tools-pmc] Welcome new PMC Members

Hi David,

Thanks for the welcome. 

We have our PTP developer meeting on the second Tuesday of the month. Also, I have a standing meeting at 11am EST every Tuesday, so I would be unable to attend. Wednesdays or Thursdays would work better for me.


On Nov 27, 2013, at 1:25 PM, David M Williams <david_williams@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Its official!

The EMO has given final approval and added our new members to their database, see

So welcome to Andrew Clement, Alexander Kurtakov, Eric Clayberg and Greg Watson to the Tools PMC. Thanks for agreeing to take on this role.

(And, belatedly, thanks Anthony for your many years of service).

As a first order of business ... new members, make sure you are subscribed to "tools-pmc" list (I don't know if its automatic, or not, or perhaps you already were).

Second order of business ... let's plan some meetings! We (me, John and Doug) thought best to have regularly scheduled meetings for several months (such as once per month) ... and then perhaps shift back to the "if no agenda, no meeting" mode. But to get things started, get acquainted, transfer knowledge, answer questions, etc., probably best to have some scheduled whether there is a specific agenda or not.

Now the hard part ... when? I think we span a wide time zone range (Pacific time, UTC-8?, to EET time UTC+2?) so we will do what we can.
I will throw out some suggestions, and then let others state preferences and/or make other suggestions.

First, I suggest we find a "day of the month" that is relatively open for most of us ... say "Second Tuesday" or "Third Thursday"? (those both work for me, many others would too, depending on the time of day we meet).

As for what time of day to meet, I think 11 PM (Eastern) sort of "splits the difference" in time zones ... but, please correct me if I am wrong or offer a counter suggestion if another time would be better for majority. (If impossible to find a good time for all, we can always alternate, where one month its 9 AM, and next month its 3 PM; or something, just so its more or less convenient for everyone at some point in time. I know on other projects,  some in "far away" time zones preferred later, so as to not interfere with their family dinner! :) So, feel free to make what ever suggestions work best for you).

I suggest we try to have first meeting in December, but realize that's a busy month, with deadlines and holidays, so fine if our first one is in January.

I'll leave it at that, for now, except to say I look forward to working with you all.


P.S. BTW, if you do have specific questions, there's no need to wait for a meeting ... feel free to ask here on this tools-pmc list (or email, if appropriate).

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