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[tools-pmc] Proposed Meeting times ...

Yes, apologies, I did mean 11 AM (Eastern).
And, since you said "Second Tuesday" works for you ... let's tabulate that as a concrete proposal which at least 2 of us can make :)

"Second Tuesdays", 11 AM (Eastern) .... proposed first meeting on 12/10/2013

Any counter proposals?

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Date:        11/28/2013 04:28 AM
Subject:        Re: [tools-pmc] [tools-leads] Welcome new PMC Members
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> Subject: [tools-leads] Welcome new PMC Members
> Its official!
> The EMO has given final approval and added our new members to their database,
> see
> So welcome to Andrew Clement, Alexander Kurtakov, Eric Clayberg and Greg
> Watson to the Tools PMC. Thanks for agreeing to take on this role.

Thanks and it's an honor for me.

> (And, belatedly, thanks Anthony for your many years of service).
> As a first order of business ... new members, make sure you are subscribed to
> "tools-pmc" list (I don't know if its automatic, or not, or perhaps you
> already were).
> Second order of business ... let's plan some meetings! We (me, John and Doug)
> thought best to have regularly scheduled meetings for several months (such
> as once per month) ... and then perhaps shift back to the "if no agenda, no
> meeting" mode. But to get things started, get acquainted, transfer
> knowledge, answer questions, etc., probably best to have some scheduled
> whether there is a specific agenda or not.
> Now the hard part ... when? I think we span a wide time zone range (Pacific
> time, UTC-8?, to EET time UTC+2?) so we will do what we can.
> I will throw out some suggestions, and then let others state preferences
> and/or make other suggestions.
> First, I suggest we find a "day of the month" that is relatively open for
> most of us ... say "Second Tuesday" or "Third Thursday"? (those both work
> for me, many others would too, depending on the time of day we meet).

Second Tuesday sounds good to me.

> As for what time of day to meet, I think 11 PM (Eastern) sort of "splits the
> difference" in time zones ... but, please correct me if I am wrong or offer
> a counter suggestion if another time would be better for majority. (If
> impossible to find a good time for all, we can always alternate, where one
> month its 9 AM, and next month its 3 PM; or something, just so its more or
> less convenient for everyone at some point in time. I know on other
> projects, some in "far away" time zones preferred later, so as to not
> interfere with their family dinner! :) So, feel free to make what ever
> suggestions work best for you).

I hope you mean 11 AM (not PM) EST which would be 6 PM for me which would be quite better compared to other meetings I join to.

> I suggest we try to have first meeting in December, but realize that's a busy
> month, with deadlines and holidays, so fine if our first one is in January.

I would not be able to join any meeting after Dec 15th.

Alexander Kurtakov
Red Hat Eclipse team

> I'll leave it at that, for now, except to say I look forward to working with
> you all.
> Welcome!
> P.S. BTW, if you do have specific questions, there's no need to wait for a
> meeting ... feel free to ask here on this tools-pmc list (or email, if
> appropriate).
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