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Re: [tools-pmc] Ramp down of tools.sequoyah and mobile package activities

What is the status of this?

The work-in-progress review document is on the wiki [1].

Has ECF stepped forward to take over any components?

Moving MTJ directly under tools shouldn't have any impact on the project's day-to-day operation. Repositories, website, and downloads can stay exactly as they are. AFAICT, the only thing that will change is the project's id and corresponding "info" page [2]. The change in leadership can happen at any time (before, after, or during the move).

To make this happen, we need to just add a sentence or two describing the move. If you are in agreement, I can go ahead and make the change. Tell me what you want to do.

Are there any other concerns that I'm missing?

Are we close to setting a date for this?

Is it too aggressive to strive for running the review Sept 20-26? Do we need more time?



On 08/22/2012 01:01 AM, Gorkem Ercan wrote:
I agree that MTJ should also be promoted to be tools sub-project. I think
its timing will be ideal as we are also in a transition period on MTJ as
well. I am stepping down as the project lead for the project. Pranav
Gothadiya from Nokia is going to take over my role in MTJ. This is a change
in the right direction because Pranav is part of the development team in
Nokia that is creating an IDE based on MTJ. I think as an adopter of MTJ he
and the team that he works with will be able to put more time to the
project than I am able to at this time.

We are just starting the transition on MTJ and I will send a separate note
on its timing and practicalities later.

On Fri, Aug 17, 2012 at 6:53 PM, ERIC CLONINGER <dcp874@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:


On Wed, Aug 15, 2012 at 11:03 AM, ERIC CLONINGER <dcp874@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
Hello everyone,

It's with regret that I announce that I and the Sequoyah development
team will no longer be able to maintain the project. I want to start
an orderly shutdown of the project, but the process will be fairly
quick. We haven't been very active the last few months, although as
late as June we had moved to git and had planned to do some cleanup on
the components. That activity will not occur now.

I know there are components of Sequoyah that are of interest to
others, so I am sending this email to several mailing lists. Scott
Lewis has expressed interest in the past in the VNC component for ECF.
If that interest is still relevant, the transfer can begin with our

The status of Mobile Tools for Java is uncertain to me. It is a
sub-project of Sequoyah, but the mailing list activity has been
minimal the last 18 months and emails to Gorkem have gone unanswered.
The MTJ code is in git and the most recent submission was in April, so
I believe the project is still viable, albeit with minimal adopters.
My suggestion is to promote MTJ to a sub-project of tools or let the
tools PMC make the call.

As for activities related to Packages, I plan to maintain the Eclipse
for Mobile Developers as a personal project through Juno SR2. It would
be good to have a candidate for the Kepler milestones as I will only
have enough time to test the Windows and Linux Juno packages. I do not
have a Mac nor will one be available for me through Eldorado after
SR1. I think it's been moderately popular with users, so having a
maintainer should be a priority for the Kepler simultaneous release.

If there are any questions or issues, feel free to raise them. Daniel
and I should be available through the end of September to work through
this process.

Thank you for your understanding and support through this process.

Eric Cloninger (ericc@xxxxxxxxxxxx)
Product Line Manager, MOTODEV Tools
Eclipse Sequoyah Project Lead

Eric Cloninger (ericc@xxxxxxxxxxxx)
Product Line Manager, MOTODEV Tools
Eclipse Sequoyah Project Lead

Wayne Beaton
The Eclipse Foundation
Twitter: @waynebeaton
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