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Re: [tools-pmc] [gef-dev] Draw2d/GEF 4.0

I'm late to this party but...

All I'm looking for is a tool to let Alexander (and others) experiment with different ideas within the legal (and technical) boundaries of  The messaging I would like to convey to our users is: This is experimental work, and even if it does come to fruition, it likely won't happen for some time.  Moreover, we are unlikely to stop shipping the 3.x version of GEF / Draw2d even after the 4.x stuff is generally available.

Sounds like exactly the "problem" we had with e4. Make an incubator and have at it. 

Maybe this sort of experimental development is not easily supported by the Eclipse Development Process and the git-hub mirrors are the recommended approach.

Sounds textbook incubator to me.  github is interesting but unmanaged.  They could just as well be at sourceforge or on their own server.  To bring the code back it would need complete IP review etc.


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