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[tools-pmc] [CQ 4555] Google Chrome Developer Tools for Java

Eugene Ostroukhov <eugeneo@xxxxxxxxxxx> changed:

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--- Comment #13 from Eugene Ostroukhov <eugeneo@xxxxxxxxxxx>  2010-10-15 17:27:07 ---
> If by "hosted" in this context, you mean bundled by your project and checked
into the repository, that's fine.  I don't think we would refer to that as
"hosted", technically speaking.

Yes, that's what I call "hosted"

> If by "hosted" you mean *anything else* (e.g. ongoing Chrome development,
> patches, bug fixes etc.) then that would be a different story....for starters
> we would need to understand exactly what you'd like to do / how that would
> work.  

In the course of our project we had to fix a few bugs and to changes interfaces
a bit. Currently we can use code from their repository as they made all the
changes we needed.

We do not intend to create a separate version of these tools. All the changes
we make are submitted to their bugtracker. But we may want to have slight
modifications made to their code so our project can be delivered on schedule.
So - how hard would it be to get permission to modify their code? I believe
that we will not need that permission but it may occasionally help us to
deliver on time if we had one.

> a) source, binary, or source and binary
> b) modified or unmodified
> c) version #?

a. Source - to make it easier for community to understand how our debugger
b. Unmodified
c. 0.1.6

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