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[tools-pmc] [CQ 4555] Google Chrome Developer Tools for Java

--- Comment #11 from Eugene Ostroukhov <eugeneo@xxxxxxxxxxx>  2010-10-15 14:23:06 ---
> Can you point me to the place where you are seeing EPL? 

Our mistake it is "New BSD license"

> If you want to add this to Orbit, a new CQ will have to be opened in Orbit,
> "piggybacking" off this one.  If you are an Orbit committer or become one, you
> can do that yourself.  Otherwise, you may wish to ask an existing Orbit
> committer to do that for you.  :-) 

There may be other projects wanting to integrate with this code (JSDT is the
most likely candidate, ATF is another one).
On the other hand - I am afraid that we will have too many moving parts (i.e.
figuring out how to collaborate with Orbit) so it may make more sense to make
these bundles parts of our project and then moving them to Orbit at a later

Can we host them as a part of our project?

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